Friday, April 25, 2014

Georgetown Cupcakes

March 29th through March 30th, I had a cheer competition in the National Harbor. The National Harbor is located right outside of D.C. On the way home Monday, my mom and I decided to stop by Georgetown Cupcakes. Georgetown Cupcakes is located in Washington D.C. Sisters, Katherine and Sophie, are the co-founders of Georgetown Cupcake and star on the hit series D.C Cupcakes on TLC. The sisters first decide to open shop in 2008. Katherine and Sophie's first shop to be opened was in Washington D.C. Since then they have expanded up and down the east coast.  Once my mom and I arrived to Georgetown, it was extremely hard to find a parking space. Finally finding a parking spot, we had to walk five block to the cupcake shop. Arriving at Georgetown Cupcakes, is was not surprising at all when we saw a big line coming out of the store. Standing in line was not to bad because you could smell the sweet delight of cupcakes every time the door was opened. When it was our turn to go into the door, my eyes got big with the sight of different types of cupcakes. Each day of the week, Georgetown Cupcakes has specials. Just my luck, on Mondays they have my favorite type of cupcake. My favorite cupcake is the peanut butter fudge. We ending up getting four peanut butter fudge, one red velvet, one chocolate coconut and one birthday cupcake. Once back in the car, my mom and I could not wait to dig in. Georgetown cupcakes never disappoint. Their cupcakes are so moist with sweet cream cheese icing. If ever driving through D.C, make sure to stop by Georgetown Cupcakes. I promise you will not be disappointed.


  1. I'm so jealous that you got to visit Georgetown Cupcakes after your cheer competition! When I was in New York I went to this cupcake place that I think was called Melissa's. It had cute little cupcakes like the ones you got that weekend! After reading your blog post I'm craving cupcakes. Ugh!

  2. Im also very jealous! i LOVE cupcakes and if i could eat cupcakes all day i probably would haha. Ive never been to georgetown cupcakes but ive always wanted too! i always watch DC cupcakes when it comes on tv! Next time im in DC for something, im definitely going to Georgetown Cupcakes!